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Europride Manchester 2003

Europride Manchester 15-25 August 2003

Photogallery 4 “Human rights”

RIGHT: One leatherman from SM Gays together with Eric and Ruth from ReviseF65 August 23rd in Manchester before the Europride parade.

BELOW: This newspaper paragraph in The Pink Paper put us in contact with Ian from Spanner Trust (picture left).

BELOW: Svein from ReviseF65 and Ian from Spanner Trust. Svein exhausted after being one hour delayed to the ReviseF65 workshop August 28th due to traffic jam after London biggest Powerloss ever (picture left). Read the introduction to the workshop HERE.

Gay and lesbian police officers parading during Manchester Saturday August 23rd 2003
Leathermen fighting hiv and aids. The Europride parade 2003.


EuroPride 2003, held for the first time in the UK, has been declared the best ever, despite attracting far fewer than the 1.2m who descended on Cologne in Germany last year.

Robert Kastl, President of EPOA, the founding organisation for EuroPride, was glowing about Manchester’s achievement. “This EuroPride has been fantastic, the best EuroPride so far. The Parade was the most colourful and artistic I have ever seen in Great Britain.”

More than 250,000 people attended the 10-day festival, visiting 150 separate events and raising £124,000 for HIV, lesbian and gay charities.

Visitors from all over Europe received a warm welcome with the Rainbow Flag flying from the top of the Town Hall (picture above), and the Greater Manchester Police distributing a very welcoming Europride Special magazine (picture left) all over the gay village during the Big Weekend.

– What a difference today from 15 years ago when I first came to Manchester and marched through the streets against Section 28, said Actor Sir Ian McKellen according to several gay newspapers.

EuroPride started on the 15th August but one of the highlights was when the world’s longest Rainbow Flag stretching a quarter of a mile in length and weighing more than half a tonne was carried in the Key 103 EuroPride Parade on Bank Holiday Saturday August 23rd.

Welcome to Europride in Hamburg 2004 and Europride in Oslo, Norway 17-27 June 2005.