Iceland removes Sadomasochism as a diagnosis

Iceland removes Sadomasochism as a diagnosis

December 11th 2015 Icelandic health authorities announced that F65.0 Fetishism, F65.1 Fetishistic Transvestism, F65.5 Sadomasochism and F64.1 Transvestism were removed from the Icelandic version of the ICD registry.

The Icelandic BDSM association sent the General practitioner of Iceland a letter regarding removal of BDSM from the Icelandic version of ICD registry in September 2015. Icelandic media put pressure on the General practitioner when they learned that Iceland was the only Nordic country where BDSM was still classified as a mental illness. The General practitioner then announced in a press release on December 11th 2015 of the removal of BDSM (F64.1, F65.0, F65,1 and F65.5).

The effect of the removal was significantly more important for individuals who identify as BDSM orientated than others. One of the the biggest influence of the removal was on Icelandic media. BDSM related news became less stereotypical and negative thus affecting the general discussion in a more positive way than before.

Link to the orginal press release: