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Bullough about sadomasochism

Bullough about sadomasochism:
According to the American historian and sexologist Vern L. Bullough (picture),
vern_bulloughsadomasochism is about absolutely voluntaryness, reciprocity and equality. “Most sadomasochists live a entirely normal and law-abiding life gaining the society. You will not be able to indentify them neither in the street, nor at the workplace”, he says.
– Sadomasochism as a stimulating sex play, is very different from destructive and harmful violence, Bullough told “Fri Tanke”, the periodical of The Norwegian Humanist Association [Human Etisk Forbund], April 1997.

According to Bullough, sadomasochism was neither an illness nor a sin before the Austro-German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing published the book Psychopathia sexualis in 1886 and later editions (Bullough, V. L., & Bullough, B., 1977. Sin, sickness & sanity. New York: Garland Publishing).

Vern L. Bullough (1928-2006), among many awards, have received the Alfred Kinsey Award for distinguished sex research.