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The SM Pride 2003

The SM Pride 2003

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Svein Skeid from the ReviseF65 group, held a workshop focussing on the work to remove the Fetish and SM diagnoses, at Conway Hall, Betrand Russell Room, after the SM Pride March. The room was filled up with more than 25 listeners. An engaged audience and a successful workshop.

From Conway Hall after the march.

Bullwhipping at the SM Pride Pervefest. (Picture by the SM Pride organizers).

Rosie at Conway Hall at the SM Pride Pervefest. (Picture by the SM Pride organizers).

The SM Pride official website


he SM Pride official website

SM Pride was founded in the wake of the British Spanner case in 1992 – to promote BDSM as a valid sexuality and to campaign for BDSM legality and equality (see picture in the middle above). The SM Pride organizers invited people to join the march under “the colours (…) black and blue, the official colours of SM Pride”. As wievers have observed, this is not exactly the same flag as the international acknowlished “Leather Flag” designed by Tony de Blase in 1989 (picture right). The original Leather Pride Flag by author and publisher Tony de Blase (1942-2000), was first displayed on May 28, 1989 at the International Mr Leather contest in Chicago. The hand-sewn original now hangs in Chicago’s Leather Archive and Museum. Though the Leather Pride Flag emerged from the gay male leather/SM scene, the flag has got pansexual currency. Today it stands as a symbol for the leather/SM/Fetish community- people who are into leather, sadomasochism, bondage, domination, uniforms, rubber and other kind of sexual fetishes. Though it is obviously inspired by the lesbian and gay rainbow flag, de Blase (Fledermaus) has been famously reticent in giving an explanation of the design. ‘I did have definite reasons for creating the design and color scheme [but] I have never explained them to anyone else’, he says. I prefer that the individual look at the flag and interpret it for him/herself, reading into it whatever he/she most wants to see. One common interpretation of the design is that the red heart represents the love we feel; the white stripe represents purity or hope; the black stripe, for leather; and the blue stripe, denim (both materials commonly worn and fetishised in the leather and SM communities). The original Leather Pride Flag is composed of nine horizontal stripes of equal width. From the top and from the bottom, the stripes alternate black and royal blue. The central strip is white. In the upper left quadrant of the flag is a large heart.

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The rainbow flag:
Leathermen and women have always been a part of the gay and lesbian movement.


on his chest.

Who are “Les Miserables”?
Sure, we are playing a theater.
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on his back.

Submitting to his domina.

The sound of the drummers is an important part of the total picture

As alwais,
Pony carts are popular in front of the march

A human horse

More ponies

Some of the pictures are possible to watch in a bigger version by clicking on them

A female pony